Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sunshine on a rainy day

I suppose the best way to stop complaining about being idle in life is to either stop complaining or stop being idle… well this week I put that theory to the test as it was probably one of the most productive weeks for me in such a long time. After airing my frustrations on here 7 days ago, I decided that I was going to fill up my “ok” life with fun and new experiences thus create a more colourful, interesting day to day world for myself. My aim was (and now is) to try enjoy at least some a part of each day. That sounds kinda odd when I read it back… at least some part… almost like I am settling instead of announcing that EVERY DAY WILL BE HENCEFORTH *POSITIVE* :D But let’s be realistic here, not every day will be a good day. If you’re like me then at least 4-5 times a week you might find yourself in a scenario where you just don’t want to be right there in that place, doing whatever it is that you are doing, at that very moment. You probably pause, take a breath and then continue on with that ugh gut feeling, questioning is this how my life is going to be…  Would it brighten your day just a little to think that after you go through the crappy whatever-it-is, you then have something positive to look forward to? In my head that was do-able. I can’t change every single day to be my dream life but I can change a few minutes or hours! 

Some of the things that I did this week may seem mundane or insignificant but I would argue that, firstly, with the attitude that I have had the last while I have often over looked the simplest of pleasures so consciously stopping to recognise them brightened up my day when they happened. Secondly, a lot of people assume that you have to go out of your way or spend a lot of money in order to enjoy yourself – that’s not true. Anyways, here are some of the things that I enjoyed:

I went to see Dark Shadows after work on Friday. Anyone who knows me will understand my love for Mr Depp and my fascination with Mr Burton… this movie for me was hilarious, quirky, unique, cheesey and so utterly camp but that made it even better! 

After about 4 months of holding out, I got my hair cut… only a trim mind you haha, I am still growing it but it needed a tidy so I felt like pampering myself. I really love when people work with my hair (brushing, massaging, playing with it etc.) so this for me was heaven.

With the parents off at a wedding, I spent the day with the pooch and when I say spent the day I mean I literally spent the entire day hanging out with him haha. We had lunch, we played on the floor for an hour with his toys, we explored out the back and we sat on the couch (shh he isn’t allowed up on it) cuddling while watching Britain’s got Talent…

After noticing that the movie The Proposal was about to start on tv, I whizzed up and got awesome popcorn from a certain local renting dvd store, snuggled up with pjs and wait for it… I turned off my phone and laptop. Now that for me is huge. I have gotten in the habit these days to watch movies/shows while browsing online, not giving either my full attention. It is like I have a need to always be in communication or available to communication with friends and family instead of taking time for myself to switch off. I enjoyed the movie 10 times more and I shall be doing it a lot in the future.

Sometime ago I was approached to do some volunteer work which due to other commitments, I couldn’t take part in. It however planted a seed in my mind about doing some work in the future and I loved the idea that I could interact with new people. I also felt a huge need to give something of myself purely to help others. Well my commitments have changed and thankfully I got a call the other day inviting me to volunteer 3-4 times a month with a youth group.
This next one occurred over about 2-3 days and I must admit is pretty huge for me; I decided that it was about time to join the IMTA seen as I am qualified – oh wait. I never got to talk about it! Yes about 2 weeks ago my results arrived in the post and I am now a fully qualified holistic massage therapist. Whoop! – anyways as I am now employable for that type of massage, I would need to get insured in order to take on any clients. The long story short - it is cheaper to do this in conjunction with the IMTA not to mention the benefits of belonging to an association etc. Having organised both of those, I started to brain storm what would I call my trading name should I go down that route in the future. I searched through loads of websites to see what I couldn’t use and after a lot of research I settled on something that I truly feel fits with the ethos I want to bring to my company. No I won’t be telling you what it is haha, you will just have to wait until I launch it! Of course having found a name I then wanted to make sure that no one would have taken the website for it. Thankfully no one had so I decided in case it gets snapped up, I will buy the domain. Unfortunately for me, the regulations have changed when it comes to buying .ie domains so I have a lot more paper work to sort out before I can say it is 100% mine BUT it has lead me to register my business name officially (haha can you see how this whole thing has just snowballed??) which I am chuffed about. The next step will be to sort out a graphic for the name and/or logo which I will then get trademarked. Needless to say, I have been buzzing with excitement from all of this!

Finally, today’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow took its form in a new hobby that I have just discovered: Wood turning! My mam had been nattering on for some time about doing this course during the week days which I thought was a lovely idea, but had no real push to do it. That was until while at the Festival of Fires, I came across a few different examples of wood work. Some were carvings, some were turnings, some were demonstrations but all of them looked amazing so I agreed to go along with my mam for the craic. Tonight was our first night and wow I am in love with wood turning! It is a lot easier to do then you would think however to do it with any proficiency or grace you would need a lot of skill and patience. 

Here are a few quick pictures I sneakily took during the class:

This was the first practice piece that we did; the block started out like the one which you can see laying down. We then rounded it off and started to mess about seeing what shapes we could do ourselves.

We then moved onto a piece of Oak which we also rounded off and carved down into this. It took ages to get it even! Haha


Do you have any highlights which have lifted your day?

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results”  Wade Boggs


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