Sunday, 1 April 2012

Here comes the sun

Well the glorious sunshine and the on-coming truck of Easter eggs can only mean one thing; spring is upon us! I don’t know about you guys but to me it seems to have sprung up out of nowhere this year, taking us all by pleasant surprise like finding a fiver in your old jeans pocket. As it turns out (brace yourselves for some useless info here), the first day of spring always coincides with the equinox which fell on 20th March. So around the time that we started to get our burst of sun was also officially the start of spring astronomically! The equinox, for those like me who had to Google it, is when the length of the day equals the length of the night and it only happens twice during the year – once in March and once in September.  I have been watching a lot of Professor Brian Cox the last while so I really find all this very interesting but I’m probably boring you lot now so I digress haha. 

Anyways, I apologise for my absence the last week or so, I have been slaving away over study notes and past exam questions in preparation for my massage judgement day(s) which took place Friday and yesterday. The exams went really well from what I can tell (or hope!) so I just have to twiddle my thumbs now till the end of April to see if I passed. 

Overall I’ve had a fairly positive week despite one or two anxiety-filled days; I felt really motivated by the weather and spent a fair amount of my time singing very loudly along with the radio while trying not to procrastinate ha. The problem was I was motivated to do all the wrong things which didn’t help while trying to study the contraindications to massage! I wanted to paint, write, bake, make things, clean out my room and move things around. I wanted to go shopping too and sit out the back reading - anything really other than study. I decided I would let myself do ONE thing as a treat so in keeping with the spring theme of regrowth/renewal/rebirth I decided I was going to grow some plants from seeds. Metaphorically I felt it was marking the turn of the season and welcoming new growth into my life but I tend to over think things so…

My first task was to decide what I was going to grow! There are so many options to choose from; vegetables or fruit? flowers or general plants? What about herbs? plant it indoors or outdoors?  And that’s before you start thinking varieties! I settled on a few different things; some sunflowers in memory of my granddad, some spinach as it’s the most popular vegetable in our house, and a variety of herbs.   

I don’t need to run through steps in detail, it’s very simple – put soil in the pot, make a hole, put seed in the hole, cover seed with soil, water haha. Any aul amadàn like myself can do it.

 I planted last Saturday (24th) and I’m delighted that you can start to see some shoots already! The herbs are a bit slow but the sunflowers are flying up… Granddad would be proud :) 

Are you going to start something new for spring? 

“An optimist is the human personification of spring   Susan J. Bissonette


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  1. Hey Sarah, very impressive planting going on there! I'm going to try plant some things over the next week or so. Might be calling you for advice! x