Wednesday, 27 June 2012


For the last 5-6 weeks I have felt like I have lost my voice, and by that I mean my writing voice. It’s as if I woke up one morning and it had left without a note to tell me where it had gone or when it planned on returning and I have been finding the silence very frustrating. There have been so many things that I have wanted to talk about or reflect on but when I sit and look down at the blank page or the clear screen in front of me, nothing comes. I used excuses like being unwell (which I was) and my laptop needing to be repaired (which it was) as a kind of procrastination that I didn’t HAVE to write anything but really, if I wanted to or could, I would have. 

I believe my inability to write might stem from not allowing myself the freedom to think and have a voice. Every day, my world is filled with work or TV or the laptop or being online or my phone or even music in the car… it’s all noise buzzing around me and I never seem to allow myself the space to just think about things. Maybe I need to take up some form of meditation or yoga so that I actively allocate time to switching off. 

Anyway, last Saturday I had a well-needed catch up with my cousin Clare who mirrors my mind set a lot of the time when it comes to writing and life itself. We swore to each other that we would write something over the weekend yet for me, Monday came and went and I still hadn’t attempted to get anything out on paper. I actually attempted once but nothing. Then over the last 2 nights between the heat and a lot of other stuff on my mind, my sleep started to get really disruptive so I decided to just rant it all out on a piece of paper. I think that broke it for me…  I woke up this morning and thought ok I think I can write today. 

As the name of this blog so obviously indicates, I will attempt – without boring you - to update you all on a few little things which have been going on since I was last on here:

About 2 blogs ago I told you about how I was invited to get involved with a volunteer group, well since then I have been at my first group meeting and I’m delighted to say I think it went really well. Besides the fact that I nearly got lost on my way to it, I felt very welcomed and accepted when I arrived. I think that was very important as they are already an established group and I’m kind of a stranger just jumping in! I have another group meeting tonight which I’m really looking forward to.

With regards to my business, I have been a tad relaxed about getting that off the ground. All the paperwork that I was dealing with has been FINALLY sorted and I was able to secure my domain name which was very important to me but after that, I haven’t been able to give it any more attention. This is all connected to my writing blank of course because what I intend to do next was write up stuff for the business. Maybe now that I’m back on the horse things might progress here? At least we have started to do up the room which, in the interest of quenching a possible world war 3 in the house, has been named “The Meditation Room” instead of “Sarah’s Massage Room”. It has been cleared out and the plan is to paint it in the next 2 days.

At long last the garden has been properly planted and we now have colour growing in it! With all the construction the last while, the garden started to look very brown. 

In amongst these we have managed to find a purple rose, which I have never seen before… 

And of course the classic red

Some of you might recall how a good while ago I decided to grow some plants from seed? I set out a tray of about 40 little pots, some were herbs, some were plants, and some were flowers. Well here are 3 of my sunflowers that have survived :) 

I also have some herbs that are still with us but I might show those to you again in another blog sometime. 

And finally, I finished my wood turning class last week for the summer. As I had mentioned before I have a new hobby which I had fallen in love with and I’m really taken aback by how positive the whole experience was for me. When I started out I honestly thought it would be just a bit of fun that would double up as some quality time spent with the aul mammy but soon into the first few classes I realised that it actually meant an awful lot more. The 9 classes felt like an escape. Twice a week the four of us who took the class would trudge through the mulch, past the chickens and the allotments into our little cabin and as soon as we walked in we were all equal with a common goal of learning a skill for the pure enjoyment of learning. I forgot about everything outside in the world while I focused on the wood, the sound and the rhythm was almost meditative. It was just so peaceful but at the same time, we had such a laugh too. If we made a mistake, we learned to fix it and moved on. Even just writing about it now makes me miss it but the classes will start up again in September so I have something to look forward too. 
I took pictures of some of the things that I made; My first was the kitchen roll holder. This one here is made out of oak which was a hard wood so very different to work on. Everyone who starts off makes one of these as all the different areas you will learn are covered in making one. After that it is up to you what you want to make next. 

I decided that my second piece would be a bowl. I made this out of ash and I think this was my favourite piece to make; I loved getting the curve into it. It was also with the bowl that I started to do some wood burning which was so much fun! I really want to buy a burner so I can go mad around the house haha.

The final completed piece that I made was a… hmm container? Box? Anyway it is a hollowed out piece with a lid made out of spalted beech. Spalted beech is basically beech wood that has been left on the ground somewhere and almost forgotten about, it hasn’t been dried correctly or cared for so it starts to disintegrate in parts and change colours etc. That’s why the piece is all veiny and has a varied tone in colour :) I got to burn a design on to this one also.

Though I have mentioned it before, I do intend to now keep this up more regularly and as I appear to have my voice back a little, I really have no excuses haha. Thankfully I have a few ideas for my next 2 blogs so that will keep me going and I won’t leave it so long next time. 

"I have to get into a sort of zone. It has something to do with an inability to concentrate, which is the absolute bottom line of writing." Stephen Fry


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  1. Hey Sarah, well you have been productive!! Love all the woodwork! And plants! I only just got around to doing a post now! Over a week later! Oh well! Chat soon x